Contrast of two cities, Providence and Santo Domingo


The author travels through history in a very simple and dynamic way. She uses beautiful and meaningful photographs to navigate through the history of these two cities, and  she sends a  meaninful message about the people that motivated by religious convictions and  search for freedom founded one of these cities, in this case located in US; and on the other hand, a group of men with great ambitions for gold and search for the unknown let to the discovery of another extraordinary place located in the Caribbean Region.


La autora viaja a través de la historia en una manera simple y dinámica. Ella usa bellas y significativas fotografías para navegar a través de la historia de éstas dos ciudades, y nos envia un significativo mensaje acerca de las personas que incentivadas por la libertad de religión y su busqueda por libertad fundaron una de éstas dos ciudades, en este caso localizada en USA; y de otro modo, un grupo de hombres con gran ambición por oro y la búsqueda de lo desconocido lo  llevan al descubrimiento de un lugar extraordinario localizado en la Region del Caribe.

The same way it displays similarities, it also shows us the differences, that in this case do not create discrepancies if not are colors that contribute to give equilibrium and strengh to the portrait painted by the author.  Two cities, two scenaries, two histories and only one heart.  This book is an excercise of the love which stands on the basic points of societies, faith, liberty, patriotism, family, dignity, and strong vocation for liberty.  This book is a tribute to the birth city and to the city that has adopted her and in which she has materialized the purpose of her life.

Kim Sanchez Fernandez

Cultural Advisor of the Cluster Turistico

de Santo Domingo


The strong desire and compasion that the author demonstrates, engulfs the readers with the passion and love for Rhode Island and its founders.  She has researched the struggle and persecution endured by those searching for freedom of speech and religion.  There is so much history in this state, how the industrial revolution started is just an example of it.  I hope the reader come away feeling inspired to share this wonderful book with their families and friends.

Maryann Schroder






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